2018 Lesbian Visibility Day

2018 Lesbian Visibility Day

Today, April 26, Lesbian Visibility Day, the slogan is clear: #BecomeVisible. And Sandra Barneda, Nagore Robles and Magalí Dalix do so.

GAYLES.TV.- It is curious the controversies that the celebration of this day triggers even within the group of lesbian women. It is argued that it is not about "exposing" more but about normalizing. It is stated that claiming to be visible contributes to triggering lesbophobia and that kissing, hugging, caressing each other in public (obviously we are not talking about public scandal but about the normalized manifestation of affection between women) is something that, simply, should be lived with tranquility without the need to establish a date that makes us visible.

But let's see, is the free and spontaneous experience in a public space of the relationship between women normalized? Really? Well, how good and how happy! Because I have not heard ... What is sadly normalized is the right that is still attributed to insult, intimidate, assault and vex the couples of women who dare to do in public what normally any heterosexual couple does: holding hands, hugging, kissing , manifest tenderness, in short, what they themselves do daily with their girlfriends. And then there are "the tolerant ones", those of "I think it's good and I respect it, that they love each other, that they get married ... but come on, what they have to do in their home, they do not have to do the show"... those are the worst, the wolves in sheep's clothing that are scandalized by a kiss between women while hanging the medal of understanding. And it is the same as always, whoever "tolerates" feels superior to the "tolerated" person, makes the effort to allow it to exist, accepts it in its reality. Error. We exist in spite of ourselves, we love ourselves without any more, we manifest that love without the permission of the "tolerant". In fact we agree to share public space with their stupidity and arrogance, we "tolerate" them.

In addition, Do not the rights that we enjoy have been achieved through the struggle, the "exhibition" and the risk of so many lesbian women who have gone before us? They, those who came out of cupboards that stank of naphthalene and dandruff, those who gave their faces in the streets when the Franco regime was still coleaba, those who called clandestine stamps to be able to kiss other women without ending up spending the night in the barracks.

And, unfortunately, the gap between gender and rights is still wider than we want to recognize and that also affects the social acceptance of different sexual options. Being a woman and a lesbian implies a double rebellion because it breaks the stereotype of subjection to the male. And if it is not easy to leave the closet as a family, doing it as a public character has a merit that we want to recognize from here.

Enjoy the video and remember that you are no exception, Break the rule to live without rules!

Happy day to all!

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