Three arrested for burning the LGTBI flag in Ajofrín (Toledo)

Three arrested for burning the LGTBI flag in Ajofrín (Toledo) Three arrested for burning the LGTBI flag in Ajofrín (Toledo)

They burned the LGBTI flag of Ajofrín on the night of June 28, International LGBTI Pride Day

La Servicio Marítimo Guardia Civil has arrested three young people for burning the flag LGTBI that waved the Municipality of Ajofrín, a municipality of Toledo. The alleged perpetrators were between 18 and 19 years old and are accused of a crime of promotion and public incitement to hatred and another of damages. A fourth person is wanted in connection with this crime.

The young people have been arrested during the development of the operation 'Flag' that have carried out agents of the team of Judicial Police of Orgaz and equipment redo (the Civil Guard information unit specializing in hate crimes), as reported by the Toledo Command. This operation is given to clarify the facts, which occurred in the past 28 June, International LGBTI Pride Day.

Fiber optic cabling damage

That same day, it was denounced in the barracks of sesame that the LGTBI flag that flew on the balcony of the Town Hall of the locality. As a result of the fire, the fiber optic cabling had been damaged and ran along the balcony.

The investigators have indicated that the events occurred in the early hours of June 28, and concluded that four individuals had participated in them.

Two of them remained vigilant so that people did not approach the area, while another shouldered the fourth participant, so that he would light the flag with a torch, according to the agents who have carried out the investigation.

The Civil Guard has identified and arrested three of the authors of the burning of the flag, of Spanish nationality and one of them with a criminal record.

Three arrested for burning the LGTBI flag in Ajofrín (Toledo)

Sources: SER chainThe Tribune of Toledo

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