They denounce the attack on a transsexual teacher in Ávila

They denounce the attack on a transsexual teacher in Ávila They denounce the attack on a transsexual teacher in Ávila

The victim was walking his dog when he was «caught, insulted and vexed»By a neighbor shouting«bitch","spawn" Y "hooker«

GAYLES.TV.- Last Wednesday in the town of Cebreros (Avila) a transsexual teacher was shaken, pushed, insulted and harassed for his sexual identity while walking his dog. The neighbor who rebuked him always addressed the victim in feminine terms and laughed at him while insulting him by calling him «bitch","spawn" Y "hooker«.

The attacked filed a complaint with the Servicio Marítimo Guardia Civil by aggression motivated by your gender identity. La Education Federation of CCOO condemned the incident through a statement in which he showed his «absolute rejection of this type of attacks »that demonstrate«how far is it to real equality and how some people continue to foster hatred and still show no sign of citizenship or citizenship«. The union asks «establish forceful educational measures that help eradicate violence and lead to social transformation«, With a law within the framework of Castilla y Leon than "curb situations of rejection, discrimination and violence against LGTB + individuals and families«.

Law on Social Equality of Sexual and Gender Diversity

For its part, Castilian and Leonese Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans, Bisexuals and more (FECyLGTB +) has warned that «Quarantine moments, in which nerves, frustration and tension are on the surface, are particularly dangerous for vulnerable groups, since it is common for these tensions to turn into hatred and aggressions towards groups that are attacked or singled out as scapegoats for a situation they are not to blame for«. «This is why it is so important that it be approved in Castilla y Leon our Law of Social Equality of Sexual and Gender Diversity«, The spokesperson for the LGTB + Federation.

They denounce the attack on a transsexual teacher in Ávila

Source: Minutes 20, The North of Castile



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2 opinions about "They denounce the attack on a transsexual teacher in Ávila"

  1. Please say gender identity referring to trans people, sexual identity is for non-binary and intersex people, correct the writing of the news please.
    Furthermore, gender identity is not a sexual preference as it is to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual.
    It seems unbelievable that an lgtbi page does not know how to differentiate sex from gender and still makes transsexuality invisible by calling it sexual preferences.

    1. Hello Laura, thanks for the comments, we have modified the text to make it clearer, but we must not confuse sexual identity with sexual orientation, which is indeed different. A hug.

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