In "The double transition", Raúl Solís recounts the experiences of eight transsexual women during the tardofranquismo, the transition and the later Spanish democracy.

GAYLES.TV.- "The double transition", the story of the transgender struggle in Spain of the journalist Raúl Solís, It addresses the lives of eight transsexual women who experienced a double transition: the historical and the personal.

Oil, Salvaora, Silvia, Miryam, Soraya, Mar, María José or Manolita they subverted all the religious and moral treatises of Spain in black and white; but they were also able to overcome the limitations of the regime and find spaces to breathe. "The double transition" ( narrates these everyday heroics and gives its place in history to the brave women who conquered freedoms and rights that today are the collective heritage of our country.

"The double transition", the history of the transsexual struggle in Spain.

the double transition


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