Cristina Peri Rossi wins the Cervantes award

Cristina Peri Rossi wins the Cervantes award Cristina Peri Rossi wins the Cervantes award

The Uruguayan writer, living in Barcelona, ​​is the sixth woman to receive the highest award for Hispanic literature

Morning Christina Rossi turns eighty years old. The Cervantes Prize and its endowment of 125.000 Euros can be interpreted as an anticipated gift. Nothing is further from reality, it is a recognition that comes very late. Because long before this Uruguayan writer exiled since 1972 en Barcelona He had already made the history of literature with his insubordination of his life and his texts. A rebellious woman who was only complacent with desire.

Yesterday he declared that «In the end, all his extensive work can be summarized in deepening the search and analysis of 'the asymmetry of complex personal relationships'«. He flirted with all genres and, one by one, he conquered them. According to account "the novel wins by points and the short story and poetry, by KO”. Nobody like her has written about desire and eroticism among women.

The exile marked his life and his work. "I gave up a brilliant university career and a literary future that was already on track, but I knew for sure that the future of the country was already on track towards the coup and I had tips that allowed me to find out that my life was in danger”, Stated already in Spain recalling his departure from Uruguay.

«Julio Cortázar and Cris»

Cristina Peri Rossi wins the Cervantes awardJulio Cortazar y Christina Rossi They lived an intense relationship, full of complicity, humor and love, literature and seduction between two cities: Paris y Barcelona. July I dedicate "Fifteen love poems for Cris»And, many years after his death, Cris wrote the chronicle of that unrepeatable love friendship.

Peri rossi he considers literature, to which he has been dedicated for more than fifty years, the last stronghold against banality and from there he has told the truth to power and has fought against dictatorships and in favor of feminism. The defense of immigrants, women and homosexuals has been a constant in both his literature and his civic commitment. "I write putting myself in the losers' shoes"He says.

Only five female writers had so far got hold of it. Cervantes Prize, the last one, the aforementioned Ida Vitale, which in 2018 joined the Spanish Maria Zambrano (1988) and Ana Maria Matute (2010), the Cuban Sweet Maria Loynaz (1992) and the Mexican Elena Poniatowska (2013)

Cristina Peri Rossi wins the Cervantes award

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