The new Constitution of Chile will be diverse

The new Constitution of Chile will be diverse

In Chile eight openly LGTB + people are elected to draft the new Constitution

The diversity and little influence of the traditional political parties has marked the results of the municipal and constituent elections that Chile celebrated this weekend. Of the 155 members that will integrate the constitutional convention to write the new Constitution, 48 are independent. Eight of them self-determine as LGTB +.

Jennifer Mella, Valentina Miranda, Pedro Muñoz, Javier Fuchslocher, Gaspar Domínguez, Tomás Laibe, Bessy Gallardo and Rodrigo Rojas represent sexual diversity in Chile. The historic choice of candidates LGTB + It reflects the profound sociocultural and political change that the country is experiencing.

The new Constitution of Chile will be diverseThe participation was of 43,35%, well below the October plebiscite, which had a 50,9%. The big surprise was the defeat of the right and center-left parties and conglomerates that led the transition and governed from 1990, after the return of democracy to the country.

Original towns

The convention incorporates the ten original Chilean peoples recognized by the State, among them Mapuches, Aymara, Quechuas and Diaguitas. There are 17 reserved seats for them, something unprecedented in the world. The candidates openly LGTB + represent a 3,9% of elected seats.

Although it was not possible to enter the convention with any candidacy trannyFor them and for the entire local community it is also a historical result, in a country where sexual dissidents and diversities have never before had such representation in local politics.

For many years, issues such as homosexuality, transsexuality or intersex were historically taboo subjects within Chilean society, and people of sexual diversity suffered rejection and discrimination within a strongly conservative society marked by Catholicism and dictatorship. from Pinochet. These are new times.

The new Constitution of Chile will be diverse

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