Consequences of the false report of Malasaña

Consequences of the false report of Malasaña Consequences of the false report of Malasaña

A false report serves to create an even more false account

It was predictable. When the young man attacked in Malasaña confessed that the reported injuries were consensual opened the gap that Vox I was looking for. He put the bit of reality that the far right needed to leverage their hate speech. It no longer matters that the rest of the aggressions were real. It seems that the false report erases the rest.

El interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, reported this Tuesday that until July 31, 2021 they had registered in Spain a total of 748 crimes that can be classified as hate crimes. He also recalled that during the first six months of this year, 610 leisure crimes were registered, a figure that represents 9,3% more than in 2019, as it is not comparable with that of 2020 due to confinement and restrictions to stop coronavirus infections.

So if he was allowed to have his ass branded with the word «fagot»(Allow an iota of doubt because we will never know what really happened or if he suffered any pressure) you can subtract one from the 748 crimes. 747, let's agree. The reality is still terrifying. In case of Samuel had marked a social turning point in which fear of setback and fed up with everyday violence mobilized the collective like never before LGTBIQ + already allys. A false report does not change that.

The carrion of the extreme right

But to the lords of Vox they care little. The president of Vox Santiago Abascal, explained this Friday that his party does not understand that there is a collective LGTBI, but "there are spanish»Of different ideas and sexual tendencies, who are not asked«for private matters" Y "much less who do they sleep with«.

«We refuse to talk about a group because that interests a certain lobby that wants to claim the representation of all homosexuals«, Has insisted on a debate that believes«addict»And that warns that«it's not going anywhere" why "most of the Spaniards are realizing the traps«.

Rocío Monasterio He also took advantage of the wave of the confession of the young man from Malasaña to request the repeal of the law against LGBTophobia full Region of Madrid in your account Twitter.

And this is how, little by little, they weave their story and win votes.

Consequences of the false report of Malasaña

Sources: El PeriodicoEl

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