Congress passes the Trans Law

Congress passes the Trans Law Congress passes the Trans Law

Carmen Calvo abstains in the vote on the Trans Law, which must now go through the Senate

El Draft Law for the real and effective equality of trans people and for the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people has gotten ahead with 188 votes in favor of government partners, 150 against of PP and Vox, and seven abstentions; among them, that of the socialist Carmen Calvo, the most visible socialist figure in terms of opposition to this norm, who now maintains the resistance within the party. The standard must now go through the Senate.

Calvo es former Vice President of the Government and now President of the Equality Commission where this rule has been processed. After the vote this Thursday, he has stated that he wants a law, “but it's not", and that "assume the consequencesof his abstention. The Executive has fulfilled its objective: that the norm be approved in the lower house before the end of the year, and this despite the fact that in recent months the text has been underpinned by uncertainty and constant fires on account of the free gender self-determination.

trans rights, human rights

Congress passes the Trans LawThis issue, especially as regards the under 14 and 15 years, has been the reason not only for political battles between the socialists and those of Unidas Podemos, and the block of the right and the ultra-right against that of the left, but also in the Feminist movement, which has suffered the greatest fracture in its history due to the positions found with this norm.

Irene Montero, Minister of Equality, this 2022 has been more than ever in the spotlight, among other issues, by this rule. Your approval is now “advance rights"And"the most forceful way to face the reactionaries and to continue advancing in democracy”, Montero stated hours before the vote took place. “Today this House says that trans rights are human rights"He added.

Self-determination and more legal measures

Finally, and if nothing goes wrong, transgender people will be able to change their legal sex without medical conditions or diagnostic reports. In addition to the legal sex change, the regulation deploys a comprehensive framework of measures. Among them, the end of forced marriage for couples of women who want to filiate their sons and daughters, the ban on conversion therapy, protocols for trans and intersex people in the field of health, the obligation to promote LGTBI equality plans in companies with more than 50 workers or the promotion of surveys and studies on the situation of LGTBI people.

Outside have been left some issues that various parties claim and the LGTBI collectives, among them, the recognition of people non-binary, which has not gone ahead due to the vote against the PP, Vox and the PSOE.

Congress passes the Trans Law

Sources: El Paí

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