Sentenced to 2 years in prison for a hate crime against the LGTBI collective and harassment of 2 women

condemned-hate-lgtbi-harassment-achievement Sentenced to 2 years in prison for a hate crime against the LGTBI collective and harassment of 2 women

The convicted person used 15 false identities on the internet to deliver messages against the LGTBIQ+ collective and harass two women, a sexologist and a journalist

El Criminal Court number 3 of Logroño has sentenced a man to one year in prison for a hate crime against the LGTBI collective and another one for two dcrimes of harassment and two of serious insults committed against two women, a psychologist specializing in sexology and a journalist, for which he used until 15 fake identities.

In addition, the Court imposes 4 years of disabling to carry out educational activities or work; a fine of 8.400 Euros and payment of compensation 5.000 Euros to each of the two victims as civil liability.

The judge applies in his resolution the mitigation of undue delays because the process has lasted more than 6 years, has detailed this Wednesday, in a note, the Superior Court of Justice of La Rioja.

15 Fake Identities

The sentence considers proven that the defendant used up to 15 fake identities to publish comments on social networks and web pages during 2016 and 2017 of a xenophobic nature and against transsexuality and homosexuality, equality between men and women and sexual education.

The defendant, according to the court ruling, was pursuing "the social stigmatization of the homosexual and transsexual collective", which constitutes a hate crime and which is materialized in the set of expressions «humiliating and demeaning» for the collective LGTBI, who cannot find protection in the lawful exercise of freedom of expression included in the Constitution.

It also argues that the comments made by the defendant had the effect of perpetuating the situation of exclusion of a minority that, "in a democratic society, must be fully accepted» and for which «The legislator has chosen to establish a criminal mechanism for qualified protection against, precisely, this type of behavior that tends to distance such groups from full social acceptance«.


On the other hand, the convicted person was also looking for "the loss of personal and professional image» of two women who defended and wrote about the rights of the collective LGTBI, one of them a psychologist specializing in sexology and the other a journalist.

The sentence affirms that the defendant carried out a conduct of "harassment» towards both through the constant submission of messages and comments in a digital newspaper and on social networks, so «insistent and persistent with some messages of demeaning and vexatious content", which disturbed the daily lives of both women.

The condemned came to publish 211 comments against the journalist and 56 against the psychologist.

Furthermore, those comments represented “the personal inconsideration of each one of them, reducing their feminine condition to a mere instrument of acts of a sexual nature or denigrating their activism in favor of equality and inclusion of the collective LGTBI«.


Sources: La Vanguardia

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