Conviction for transphobia in Barcelona

Conviction for transphobia in Barcelona Conviction for transphobia in Barcelona

Sentenced to six months in prison for transphobia on social networks for calling a trans woman a "faggot with tits"

La Audience of Barcelona passes a sentence for historical transphobia: he has sentenced SEA. to six months in prison and 720 euros fine for a crime against fundamental rights and public freedoms. In its ruling, the court considers that the convicted woman "guided by the purpose of humiliating» to a trans woman «for not undergoing genital reassignment surgery» sent messages on social networks in which «despised» to the victim.

In the trial held in Audience of Barcelona, the convicted woman acknowledged the facts and accepted the sentence imposed after an agreement with the prosecutor's office and the private prosecution. The sentence indicates that on February 25, 2020, the convicted woman posted a full-length photograph of the victim with the message "prototype of a faggot with tits. He can't stand the fact that I am a woman and he has a pathological dislike for me.«. For this reason, the magistrates emphasize that the convicted woman questioned «such an intimate aspect of personality as gender» with which the victim identified.

Transphobia in networks

Conviction for transphobia in BarcelonaFurthermore, in its resolution the court indicates that the victim was "exposed before those who made up his social and work circle who, until the publication, were so unaware of the sex» with which the affected person was born as if «She was a transgender person and had not undergone the operation«.

«The derogatory expressions related to gender identity that he dedicated to her, a reflection of the contempt he feels towards the group of transgender people who have not undergone genital reassignment surgery, showed, by questioning her gender, a clear desire to ridicule her. , managing to generate in her feelings of humiliation at the expense of her dignity«says the sentence.

“Transvestites, men and lesbians with penises”

The court also highlights that, between February and October 2020, the convicted woman used her social networks to go against transgender people without genital reassignment: "The majority of publications concern those who identify with the female gender, describing them as transvestites, men and lesbians with penises.«. Among these messages you can read some like «transsexual=woman, transgender=man, there are only two sexes»Or«trans women are now transvestites. They have perverted the word transsexual, so we reject it and have changed it to reassigned so that we are not confused«, in addition to describing as «infinite disgust" which "that group provokes him«.

The magistrates have decided to suspend the execution of the sentence for two years on the condition that the convicted person does not commit another crime within two years and pays $3.850 to the victim for the moral damages caused. In addition, he must take a course on equal treatment and non-discrimination, since, if he does not do so, he could go to prison.

Conviction for transphobia in Barcelona


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