Hundreds of people are concentrated against the attack on the LGTBI Center in Barcelona

GAYLES.TV.- Last Sunday the LGTBI Center of Barcelona Dawn broke with broken glass and painted with death threats. The reaction of the neighbors and the LGTBI collective against the LGTBIphobic attack has been unanimous. The people have gone out screaming "they will not pass". The mayor Ada Colau warned that "there will be no impunity" for the violent and announced that the Barcelona's town hall will report the facts before the Office of the Prosecutor. The consellera of the Presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Elsa ArtadiHe also joined the protest and showed firmness against fascism. Quim Roqueta, President of the Platform d'Entitats LGTBI de Catalunya He declared that "It is not a hooliganism or something isolated, but a crime of hatred to the collective."


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