Circuit Festival, the global gay summer event

El Circuit Festival  smash all the records. More than 71.000 people from all over the world enjoy the wide range of activities for 11 days. He Water Park Day It is, without doubt, the best outdoor gay party on the planet.

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  1. The truth is that I have not been to the party, but, when a party like or similar mature and older men, I know that there is not, somewhere there is a party with mature and older similar, thank you, if you can inform me what thank you, greetings and a big kiss, wish Gayles.ty.
    all the success you deserve

    1. Hello Gines,
      -If you live in Madrid: Dumbarton c / Zorrilla, 7 - Madrid
      Dumbarton bar, opens at 7 pm, until approx. 1am, a classic of Madrid with a larger clientele, since this bar does 33 years ago some of the pioneers in the Madrid night of the gay scene, there are interesting clientele - with a dark room you have to see it`to tell how good it is, they are transmitted the league matches, champions, in general there is a great atmosphere in this bar
      -If you live in Barcelona you can go to Mature
      Consell de Cent, 245 Bis (Barcelona) Tel. 93 453 77 22
      There where the Mat Bar was - and practically with the same decoration - there is now the Maduros, a cocktail bar aimed especially at the oldest of the environment. Those responsible are a couple who have worked for many years at Cine Arenas and have decided to take over this space and focus on the same type of audience. They open all day and you will find something to eat and also a small dark room. On Sundays they make a snack with interesting offers.
      A greeting.

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