LGTB + cinema interpreted only by LGTB + actors?

LGTB + cinema interpreted only by LGTB + actors? LGTB + cinema interpreted only by LGTB + actors?

Darren Criss: "I want to make sure that I won't be another straight guy taking the role from a gay man"

GAYLES.TV.- It is a recurring controversy in recent years. Fortunately there is more and more representation LGTB + in the movies, who should play these roles? It is evident that being an actor is above all knowing how to put yourself in the shoes of the other, so any good actor could play these roles, but the debate transcends the professional. Should we give way to minority groups that often cannot choose other characters? The debate is served.

Wentworth Miller, famous for «Prison Break«He announced a few days ago that he does not want heterosexual roles. The actor, who announced in 2013 that he is gay, said he will never be Michael Scofield in the series if this prison drama returns because “I just don't want to play straight characters. Their stories have been told (and told)".

Miller He made it clear on his Instagram that his position was personal and consistent with his sexual orientation. "Am I saying that gay actors should only play gay roles? No. I'm speaking for myself. At this point in my life / career is what I feel. With that said, do I want to see more gay roles played by gay actors? Yes”. In fact he had already refused to go to the festival of San Petersburgo, to show their support for the collective and protest against the so-called anti-gay law of Russia.

Last July the actor of «High School Musical », Lucas Grabel, He assured that, as a straight actor, he has more opportunities than gays and that is why he should step aside. In the same line Darren Criss, who has given life to homosexuals in "Glee" o "American crime story" announced two years ago that he would only play heterosexual roles: "I want to make sure that I won't be another straight guy taking the role from a gay man".

Controversy with trans roles

Eddie Redmayne The Danish GirlIn 2015, «The Danish girl«, Starring Eddie Redmayne, who played the painter Lili elbe, the first transgender woman to undergo sex reassignment surgery. It was then that the public debate began about who should play the trans characters. The situation of inequality faced by the trans community in the film industry is so limiting that although anyone can play the role, it is worth not missing opportunities.

Precisely the criticism for accepting to play a transsexual made Scarlett Johansson give up the movie «Rub & Tug«. Transgender performers protested that he was stealing one of the few job opportunities from them.

As well Halle Berry He gave up playing a transsexual: “As a cisgender woman I now understand that I should not have considered that character and that the transgender community should have the opportunity to tell their own stories.".

But if anyone has understood the controversy Glen Close. “Acting is an art. Personally, I think anyone should be able to play any character. But I understand trans people perfectly, I understand their frustration seeing that they are like the character they are looking for, and they are not chosen. That moment will come, I hope"Said the actress. And he warned: “Trans people should also be able to play heterosexual characters. For me, that is the key, that everyone can play everyone. But I understand why they are so passionate, because this has not happened yet".

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Sources: La Vanguardia

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