Chucky, the most diabolical ally of the LGTBIQ + community

Chucky, the most diabolical ally of the LGTBI + community Chucky, the most diabolical ally of the LGTBIQ + community

The new Chucky series will be about bullying LGTBIQ + children

The new series of Chucky premiered on October 12 at United States (expected to premiere in Spain in January) and continues the story of the famous doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. However, this version led by Mr. Mancini focuses on your relationship with Jake wheeler, a gay teenager who is discriminated against by his father and his peers, until he buys from Chucky at a flea market.

The horror myth is not considered a «monster»When it comes to discriminating based on sexuality or sexual identity. Mancini thought it was interesting to talk about a «social mission or social statement»From a horror character like Chucky, who are "particularly because he has such a black and distinctive sense of humor«. Therefore, he can be the ally of a young homosexual because he is not a stale conservative. «He is not homophobic. It is not racist. He's just a non-discriminatory psychopath. He kills anyone!«, Joked the screenwriter.

Chucky, the most diabolical ally of the LGTBI + community«Well, I'm not a monster.

In a conversation with Jacks, the psychopath tells him about his daughter who is gender fluid. «And don't you care?«, He asks surprised Jacks. "Well i'm not a monster«, He answers with his usual cynical tone. Perhaps one of the greatest achievements of this new installment is that Chucky be considered an ally of the community LGTBIQ +. Although it should not surprise us: it is not the first time that Mancini introduce elements LGTBI + in the saga.

Mr. Mancini, the creator of the character, is openly homosexual and has more or less consciously introduced diversity to his universe, although this has meant that he was called «fagot»For transforming to Chucky in something so gay. On The Seed of Chucky (2004) the character referred to Glen / Glenda already identified with both sexes. Or in Bride of chucky (1998) the character of Jesse (Nick Stable) was the homosexual friend who helped the protagonist couple. On Chucky cult (2017) the character even introduced his soul into the body of a woman (Fiona dourif) to go with his wife (Jennifer Tilly), giving even more reading to the concepts of sexuality and gender identity.

With the new series, this idea of Chucky like a fictional universe LGTBI + friendly consolidates.

Sources: La Vanguardiatomatoes

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