Chrysallis: underage and transsexual

Chrysallis: underage and transsexual

The transsexual minors are not sick, they have not been born in the wrong body, they do not have to change. It is the society that harasses them, labels them and condemns who should make the transition, who must change and take the great step towards real diversity. Chrysallis it is an association that fights for its rights and for that change. We had the pleasure of meeting Dani, a happy child and to interview his father, David Tello, president of the Chrysallis delegation in Catalonia. Words spoken from experience, lucidity and love. Essential.

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  1. I don't want to disrespect or bother anyone, forgive me in advance if I do. But I don't get it? Haven't they been born in a wrong body? From my ignorance, I thought that this was the problem and that is why they had to change their body, because they were not happy with the one they got

  2. blank lorena muñoz says:

    I am speechless, there are so many unknown things that lead us to ignorance, which makes us be cruel to our fellow men. I loved the video.

  3. What a pity that you have not asked trans adults what is called the social hatred towards your sons and daughters that we as trans adults represent, since HATE or REJECTION towards TRANS People IS NOT HOMOPHOBIA.

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