Josh Cavallo's message to Casillas and Puyol

Josh Cavallo's message to Casillas and Puyol Josh Cavallo's message to Casillas and Puyol

Cavallo liquidated Casillas and Puyol for the viral tweet: “It is a lack of respect"

Josh cavallo, the first active high-level footballer to publicly declare that he is gay, has responded to the unfortunate tweet of Iker Casillas bluntly: "it is disappointing".

To contextualize, on Sunday October 9 Casillas published a tweet in which he assured that it was “gay” and where he asked for “respect” for what was announced. In response to the message, Puyol He broadcast this a few minutes later: “It's time to tell our story, Iker".

Hours later, Casillas He deleted the tweet and apologized for the controversial comment, where he also assured that he had hacked his account and that he had not been the author of the publication, something that does not convince everyone. For his part, Puyol directly apologized fora clumsy joke, out of place and that did not have any bad intentions".

Many of those who have spoken have assessed the attitudes of former soccer players as homophobic. One of them has been Horse, which has achieved one of the most viral responses in Twitter, accumulating more than 52.000 'likes' and 10.000 retweets.

In the tweet, the Australian athlete, who has directly mentioned Casillas and Puyol, has begun his criticism by accusing the players of “tease coming out of the closet”, something that has been described as “disappointing".

Horse He is openly homosexual and he did not like the attitude of the former Spanish soccer players at all because, he assures, publicly declaring your homosexuality "it is a difficult journey that any LGBTQ+ staff has to go through".

The Australian player, who has admitted that both Casillas as Puyol they were two of his role models in the world of football, he has sentenced the tweet describing the humorous comments as a "disrespect” to the whole community LGTBQ +.

Josh Cavallo's message to Casillas and Puyol

Sources: Huffington

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