Letter from the Trans Platform to the Minister for Equality

trans platform letter Letter from the Trans Platform to the Minister for Equality

The Trans Platform Federation and more than 70 associations ask the Minister of Equality for resources for the most vulnerable trans people

La Trans Platform Federation today sent a letter to the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, subscribed by 70 entities of trans people, families of trans minors, lgtbi, of migrants and of defense of human rights.

Mar Cambrollé, president of the Trans Platform, comments: » In the letter, what we ask the Government, even though we are aware of the serious situation that we are going through through COVID-19 and that is hitting all of society, is that we don't want to be forgotten as a vulnerable group, because they have had attention from the Government with vulnerable groups naming women victims of gender violence, domestic workers, the self-employed, the homeless, families who are in a precarious situation, but what they cannot do is not count within this vulnerable group older trans womenat women doomed to prostitutionat migrant women And what we are asking for are resources, a budget item, or that within these plans also among this human group, so that we can face the Holiday, because they are kicking them out of many places, occupational space, because there are people who have nowhere to sleep, a basic income that allows them to live with dignity and finally, that they do as the government of Portugal has done, regulate the residence in Spain of immigrants«.

They remind the Minister of the importance of taking into account people who already live on social margins, such as trans people, among whom the worst situation is living, are older people, migrants and all those who are forced into prostitution to subsist, their situation being aggravated on the one hand by sleeping on the floors where they practiced and from which they are being expelled and on the other, by not having their residence in Spain regulated. Being the great scourge that hits the entire trans community, labor exclusion, which affects more than 80%.

These people are encountering a major housing problem of not being able to cope with rents and not having the resources to eat. For this reason, they ask for protection and request from the Ministry of Equality that this population be taken into account in social plans and that the Town Councils be provided with resources through Social Services to deal with Holidayendow living space whoever is on the street, a basic income that guarantees subsistence and regulation of residence permits of migrants as Portugal has already done in the measures it has implemented to alleviate this crisis.

All the signatory entities trust in the social commitment of the Ministry of Equality and hope that no one is left out of the social plans.


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Mar Cambrollé, President of the Trans Platform

Contact phone number Trans Platform 954228728


Source: Trans Platform Federation

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  1. I do not trust the equality minister Irene montero, two months ago she said that the decree of the trans-state law was going to be approved, and as you can see nothing has been approved yet. In addition to the fact that she is a radical feminist, let's see if it's true and she grants us all a benefit.

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