Carolina Iglesias apologizes after the controversy of "Stretching the gum"

Carolina Iglesias apologizes after the controversy of "Stretching the gum" Carolina Iglesias apologizes after the controversy of "Stretching the gum"

Carolina Iglesias has finally broken her silence to apologize for the invitation on her podcast by Patricia Sornosa, a humorist with an aggressive transphobic discourse

the comedian Caroline Iglesias, one of the founders and hosts of the successful feminist podcast «Stretching the gum» next to the also comical Victoria Martin, has finally broken his silence to apologize to the barrage of listeners of the program in light of the controversy unleashed by the invitation to Patricia Sornosa, comedian with an aggressive transphobic speech.

The two presenters invited sad to her latest episode because she shares a podcast with one of her regular collaborators, Patricia Mirror, because one of the lines of the present Summer Edition of "Stretching the gum» consists of inviting the collaborators of their collaborators. But this has generated great discomfort and indignation among his followers, who have always defended a diverse, plural and trans-inclusive feminism.

Since then, Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martin They have been attacked very harshly on social networks. The comedians have even denounced the threats and harassment received in Twitter so as a temporary solution they have decided to abandon Twitter until the storm passes. Nevertheless, Caroline Iglesias He has broken his silence this Tuesday with a statement in which he has revealed how he feels after the controversy and has apologized for the mistake made.

The sincere apologies of Carolina Iglesias

Carolina Iglesias apologizes after the controversy of "Stretching the gum"The Galician said that she had the strength to return to social networks one day after going to a psychologist: «I want to apologize to the people who have been disappointed, to my collective LGTBIQ +, to which I have failed, and a huge thank you to the people who have not let go of our hands in these hard weeks«.

The comedian indicated that she is «in constant deconstruction» and that from each mistake he has learned something: «I'm going to keep making mistakes and, although it's scary, that's life and also the profession I've chosen. If you want to accompany me in the process as before, all people are more than welcome.«.

In addition, he acknowledges that the silence he has maintained so far has not helped him, although he is justified because "the magnitude of what happened has paralyzed me«. «Thanks to our public who expressed their disagreement to us in such a polite way, it is a pride to have you. And again: sorry. I have not known how to manage it better"He points out.

Finally, he remembers his partner Victoria Martin. "Vicky, we started this as two losers looking for their place, and we will always continue like this. hand in hand We fall, we learn and we get up. I love you. Palate with life”, ends.

Carolina Iglesias apologizes after the controversy of "Stretching the gum"



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