Homophobic and fascist threats against the illustrator Carles Ponsí

Homophobic and fascist threats against the illustrator Carles Ponsí Homophobic and fascist threats against the illustrator Carles Ponsí

The cartoonist of 'El Jueves' Carles Ponsí cancels the signing of his book in Sant Jordi after receiving homophobic threats

Carles Ponsi, author of «bad sex» (Editorial Fandogamy), has decided suspend signatures What was planned for this day? Sant Jordi after receiving death threats and homophobic comments throught social media.

«Attention: due to the extremely serious threats that I am receiving, I am sorry to inform you that I am canceling the signatures of this Sant Jordi for security«, He has expressed through his account Twitter, in which it shows some screenshots of received messages. «Let it be clear to you, you piece of fagot, that when God and country are offended, there is no more admissible dialectic than fists and pistols. get ready«, is one of the messages that the author has received.

At Easter he wrote a couple of satirical articles on religion and the Catholic Church. This is content that «they annoyed some people" and according Ponsi He began to receive many messages through social networks, most of them because of the articles and some others because of his sexual condition. In the first moments she did not pay much attention, but this Monday bullying through social networks intensified. "I started receiving messages warning me not to mess with God, they collected articles of mine and pointed me out", he recounts.

With the Catholic religion you don't joke

«You have little left for the Holy Inquisition to burn you alive” or “The fury of God will burn you, dirty heretic«, are some of the messages he has received. One in particular exclaims:Long live Christ, Franco and José Antonio Primo de Rivera, cunt«. He has also received messages from users posing as admirers and proposing to meet him, which has made him suspect that they were the same people. The author himself has compiled it in a thread on Twitter:

The highest point occurred this Wednesday afternoon, when a user with a public profile and linked to the extreme right made an appeal to attack him, as he explains. This has been the trigger that has motivated him to suspend the signing of his book that he had planned in a library in Barcelona this Saturday.

Take threats seriously

Although he is not afraid, Ponsi recently made an inquiry to Mossos regarding the threats received and the response by the police has been that «it is to be taken seriously» . That is why he prefers to act with prudence for the time being and not expose himself in public on the day of Sant Jordi. The cartoonist admits that «obviously it sucks» not being able to go to sign books for the day, but from there to do it with police protection -as they have suggested from the Observatory against Homophobia- «it is excessive" And it is "wrap the skein".

«I prefer to be healthy and not risk being screwed over by a madman. I will not stop making jokes about religion, sex or whatever I want«, Has settled.

Homophobic and fascist threats against the illustrator Carles Ponsí

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