Carla Antonelli responds to Carmen Calvo

Carla Antonelli responds to Carmen Calvo Carla Antonelli responds to Carmen Calvo

Carla Antonelli: "I hope that the hatred and transphobia that you ooze carries a prison sentence"

La former vice president of the government, Carmen Calvo, and the historical rights activist LGTBIQ+, Carla Antonelli, have further raised the level of confrontation they maintain over the Trans Law which caused Antonelli resigned from PSOE y Calvo was dismissed. The last episode of this disagreement has been written in space «The 25th Hour Agora" of the SER chainWhen Calvo was involved in a dialogue between José Manuel García Margallo and Pablo Iglesias about the new trans legislation.

Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo He transferred a question to his fellow debaters: «Does a sexual offender who registers as a woman go to a men's prison or a women's prison?«. Pablo Iglesias returned the question: «would you send Carla Antonelli to a women's prison margallo?«. margallo, for his part, avoided the trick question by saying that he does not know Antonelli. And in the middle of the conversation between the two, Calvo said: "Ask her. we would have to ask her«.

Pablo Iglesias "hallucinates"

After the answer, Churches He looked incredulous and said:Hallucino«. Subsequently, her own Antonelli responded in Twitter to the words of Calvo.

«What I hope Carmen Calvo, is that if you go to jail one day, it will be because this country dresses by its feet and the hatred and transphobia that you ooze, verbally and gesturally, entails a prison sentence, "he said in a tweet. He finally added: «By the way, you are no longer vice president and the Trans Law will be law. Do you realize?«.

The words of Carmen Calvo and the answer of Carla Antonelli have placed the former vice president at the top of the list of the most commented topics of Twitter as a result of the barrage of comments that have been generated in this regard.

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