Campaign for the free movement of LGTBI families in the EU

Campaign for the free movement of LGTBI families in the EU

It is time to demand from the European Parliament that the sons and daughters of LGTBI families do not become orphans or stateless within the European space.

GAYLES.TV.- Katy Pallàs, President of the Association of LGBTI Families of Catalonia (FLG), an association that represents more than 300 families formed by LGBTI mothers and fathers and their daughters and sons, begins, with the support of NELFA, a CAMPAIGN OF PETITIONS TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT to request that within the EU LGTBI families have the same right of free movement as heterosexual families.

A Spanish LGTBI family cannot move freely and reside anywhere within the EU, given that in many countries their family ties are not recognized.

we interviewed Katy Pallàs, Eleni Maravelia, President of NELFA and Ramón Antonijoa, members of the FLG.

We invite you to share your story of movement difficulties across Europe using this page. The FLG will send it to NELFA and to the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament.

If this is your case, make the request at the following link:

If you know of an affected family, share the link.


Children of same-sex couples are victims of loopholes.

Sixteen years ago, the European Union assured its citizens and their families the right to freedom of movement and to live in freedom in any of its member countries (DIRECTIVE 2004/38 / EC).

But the LGTB + population continues to face difficulties and unequal treatment, because many EU states do not recognize families that have legally established themselves in other European countries.

In particular, children of same-sex couples are victims of loopholes and are deprived of legal benefits and protections. Often, they cannot obtain the nationality of one or both parents, legally lose one of their mothers or fathers, or even become stateless.

The right to free movement within the EU is a fundamental right of all citizens of its member countries, but LGTB + families do not have this right. It is for this reason that the European Network of LGBTIQ Families Associations (NELFA) is appealing to all LGTB + families:

Now is the time to demand that the EU institutions enforce human rights agreements, establish jurisprudence and ensure that LGTB + families are respected and treated equally under the principle of freedom of movement within the EU.


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