Brutal aggression against a trans woman in the Barcelona metro

Brutal aggression against a trans woman in the Barcelona metro Brutal aggression against a trans woman in the Barcelona metro

Some subway passengers recorded how the attacker rebuked a trans woman, hit her and kicked her hard

The Mossos have opened an investigation into the transphobic aggression occurred on Saturday night at the station catalunya square of the Barcelona metro, where a young man verbally assaulted and kicked a trans woman.

El Observatory against Homophobia of Catalonia has reported on social networks that the event took place around nine o'clock at night inside a carriage on Line 1 of the Metro, in the vicinity of the aforementioned station, when a man addressed a trans woman with insults and yelled at him:Get out of there, you're making a fool of yourself".

Several witnesses who have witnessed the scene in the subway and have recorded how the victim entered upset and a man began to reproach her for not stopping crying. The trans woman asked him to leave her alone but the alleged attacker continued with phrases like "you are being ridiculous"In addition to threatening and laughing at her when referring to her"wig«, which ended up ripping him off.

Subway passengers recorded the attack

It was when the victim pushed him away that the attacker began to insult her by calling her "perra»Or«hooker» to begin to forcefully attack her and spit on her, as can be seen in the images. Another man on the subway tried to calm the attacker down until the victim was able to escape at the next station. As can be seen in the images, the attacker even told the woman "behave yourself, asshole, behave yourself, shit» after assaulting and threatening her: «I am going to kill you«.

The situation, which was recorded by several passengers, escalated and the victim tried to flee from the attacker, who nevertheless kicked the woman. Once the convoy arrived at the station, the victim got out of the car and ran towards the exit, after which the metro resumed its service.

The Mossos have opened an investigation

El Observatory condemned the attack this Sunday, while the Mossos They have opened an ex officio investigation by verifying the veracity of the video images of the incident that users have released on the networks.

The acting councilor Citizen Rights of Barcelona City Council, Marc serra, has said that the event last night constitutes "an episode of lgtbiphobic violence that we reject and that must be thoroughly investigated”. He has also reported that the Consistory has Activated the homophobic and transphobic aggression protocol and has made the municipal non-discrimination office available to the victim.

Sources: El PaísEl Mundo

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