Brutal homophobic aggression in the center of Madrid

Brutal homophobic aggression in the center of Madrid Brutal homophobic aggression in the center of Madrid

Brutal homophobic aggression in Madrid: «He winked at me and as I approached, he bit my ear and said: 'You fucking faggot, I'm going to kill you.'«

New homophobic aggression last Saturday in the center of Madrid. After saying goodbye to his friends and heading home, Pablo He was surprised by a man who signaled to him from outside the premises. He winked at him, asked him to come closer, and when he was close, and without saying a word, the aggressor began to hit him, shouting several homophobic insults and punching and kicking him several times without mercy.

Shouting "fagot" Y "I am going to kill you«The attack continued until the victim asked for help and was able to be rescued. According to the Police, it is "a man of Aryan race, light eyes, blonde, with a beard and a strong build, wearing a blue sweater and jeans«.

The victim claimed not to know the attacker at all, but suspects that she could see him inside the bar with his friends and was waiting for him outside the premises in what could be a premeditated attack inside the establishment, located between Opera y Santo Domingo.

Brutal homophobic aggression in the center of MadridAfter the brutal attack, Pablo was rushed to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation, where he received treatment for his injuries, including a bite in the left ear that required immediate medical attention. She spent 12 hours in the hospital until it was ruled out that there was no internal bleeding.

LGTBIphobic violence every two days in Madrid

The incident highlights a reality that occurs in Madrid. Homophobic attacks continue to be a serious problem, as shown by statistics from the Madrid Observatory against Homophobia, which registered 173 cases in the Region of Madrid only in 2022.

A high figure that leaves an average of one attack every two days in the Community of Madrid, where the capital registers 73% of the incidents. A study prepared by the LGTBI+ State Federation ensures that 8,6% of people belonging to the gay community have suffered physical assault at least once in their lives.

Brutal homophobic aggression in the center of Madrid

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