Pay gap and lesbian mothers

Pay gap and homosexual maternity Pay gap and lesbian mothers

The wage gap in lesbian mothers' couples closes at five years.

GAYLES.TV.- The 80% of the pay differences between men and women It is due to motherhood. To delve into that gap and know if it is biological or cultural factors, Emily Nix and Martin Eckho Andresen they have made a study in which they wonder if the professional career in the case of homosexual mothers suffers in the same way.

The authors use a database includes some 600 lesbian couples and a quarter of a million heterosexual couples. And they come to the conclusion that motherhood in lesbian couples is very different from that of heterosexual couples.

And if you look at the graph, when the parents are gay men, this salary gap disappears. You can draw the conclusions yourself.
They also prove that the school performance of the children of lesbian mothers is significantly higher than that of the children of heterosexual families. One of the applicable solutions in public policies is to improve and make more effective access to day care centers. It has been proven that this measure is much more successful than extending paternity leave.

Pay gap and homosexual maternity

Source: El País

Photograph: The Country, NetMums


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