Bolsonaro to Ellen Page: «If I saw her on the street, I would whistle her»

Ellen Page interview Jair Bolsonaro Bolsonaro to Ellen Page: «If I saw her on the street, I would whistle her»

The interview that Ellen Page made in 2016 to Jair Bolsonaro goes viral

GAYLES.TV.- «Do you think my parents should have beaten me so I was not gay?«. This is one of the questions that the actress and LGBT activist Ellen Page made in 2016 for his program «Gaycation"To National Geographic to the ultra-rightist presidential candidate of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, when he was a deputy. Two years later the video in which Bolsonaro ooze homophobia from all pores has gone viral.

Recall that Bolsonaro can become president of Brazil if the next October 28 wins the second round of the elections. Among other pearls the candidate has openly expressed xenophobic, defender of the death penalty and homophobe. In 2011 stated in the magazine Playboy"I would be incapable of loving a gay son. I'm not going to respond like a hypocrite, before that, I prefer that my son dies in an accident. "

Page He is not intimidated and starts the interview by asking «I read a quote from you that said that people should beat the gay man in their children. I am gay and I ask her: Should I have been beaten as a child so that she was not gay?«. Response from Bolsonaro It can not be worst: "I'm not going to look at it and think: I think it's gay. You are beautiful. If I were a cadet from the military academy and I saw her in the street, I would whistle«. And then he denies his homophobia by saying «They call me a great homophobe and they're wrong. My fight was always and will be against the distribution of material LGTBI + in schools for children over 6 years. When I was young, there were few gays. Over time, due to freedom, drugs and women working, the number of homosexuals increased considerably«.

«If your child is with people of certain behavior, he will behave the same and believe that it is normal«, Complements Bolsonaro. "I think that's the point. You see it as something abnormal«, He replies Ellen Page «He says that they should beat gay children and that he prefers a dead son to a homosexual one«, It reminds him. «When a child is very violent, if you correct him, he will stop being violent. If you encourage them as children by saying that this and that is normal, whatever the normality, the child will do that«, Says the leader of the polls without denying the words of the actress. Page he replies that this attitude has serious consequences. "QWhat you see as abnormal generates all these prejudices and all this hatred. It instills shame in people. If they make fun of them that translates into depression and suicide".

"It's devastating to know that someone with such influence has such disdain for the queer community," he reflected. Page after the interview

According to a study, homophobic violence in Brazil is increasing. The number of lesbian murders in Brazil An 2.600% was increased since the 2000 year. Days ago, in Porto Alegre, a young lesbian was attacked in the street by followers of Bolsonaro for carrying a rainbow flag and a movement sticker "Ele não”. The attackers took off his shirt and, using a sharp weapon, drew a swastika on his body.

Ellen Page interview Jair Bolsonaro

Source: Huffingron Post, All News

Photographer: National Geographic


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