Buns for Lesbian Visibility Day

Buns for Lesbian Visibility Day Buns for Lesbian Visibility Day

The Triángulo Foundation distributes backpacks «bowls» and appropriates the insults that lesbians receive on Lesbian Visibility Day

Tomboys, dykes, truckers or dykes. These are some of the insults that lesbian women usually receive and that, once again, in the Lesbian Visibility Day, they turn around to appropriate them and break with prejudices. The Triangle Foundation He has distributed backpacks with these names and filled with buns to commemorate this event.

The backpacks have been delivered to institutions and the media. «We are lesbians and we carry heavy backpacks full of prejudice and insults, full of denial and renunciations.«, they explain from the foundation. It is not the first time that they have turned insults around to be seen, for example, handing out tortillas.

Language appropriation

Buns for Lesbian Visibility Day«From the visibility, from the reappropriation of those insults that sought to correct us, we challenge you so that from the place you occupy you stop being a transmitter of discrimination and join in the work to ensure that, from the recognition of our identities, we all have the same opportunities and rights«, declare the promoters of this initiative.

«That's why lesbian women Triangle Foundation We deliver this backpack full of buns to continue insisting on the need to be named, to be made visible, to be recognized, without covering up that we love, desire, live, pay taxes and even have sons, daughters, sons with other women", they add.

La Triangle Foundation highlights that «Lesbian women have always existed, although they have pretended that we would never exist.«. For that reason they consider this to be April 26 «remains essential to continue making cracks in the patriarchy that denies us more than three times«.

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