BCN Checkpoint, the life-saving center

What can BCN Checkpoint do for you? | BCN Checkpoint is a community center for early diagnosis and screening for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV in men who have sex with other men. Their work, in an environment of privacy and speed of results, helps to prevent new infections and accelerate the implementation of treatments. has interviewed Ferran Pujol, director of BCN Checkpoint who has told us about the latest advances in prevention such as pre-exposure prophylaxis, known as PrEP.

Would you like to participate in the study? DISCOVER about PrEP (Prophylaxis pre-exposure to HIV)?
Informative talk in BCN Checkpoint (Comte Borrell 164-166, Barcelona) Tuesday, 25 from April to 19: 00 h.
More information on the phone +933 182 056 XNUMX


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