The ban on LGTBIQ+ flags in public buildings in Nàquera reaches Europe

The ban on LGTBIQ+ flags in public buildings in Nàquera reaches Europe The ban on LGTBIQ+ flags in public buildings in Nàquera reaches Europe

The European Commission is "aware" of the removal of the LGTBI flags in Nàquera (València)

The controversy that arose on Tuesday after making public the government agreement between Vox y PP de naquera arrived yesterday at Europe. Of the 20 points agreed between both formations to govern the municipality until 2027, two principles stood out: that of not placing collective flags LGTBIQ + on the balconies and facades of municipal buildings and to replace the concentrations of "No to sexist violence" by "No to violence". Both agreements were rejected yesterday by the community spokesperson for Justice, Christian Wigand. In the European Commission are aware of this pact and recalled that peaceful demonstrations are “a fundamental right in all democratic countries”.

The spokesman recalled that above all "The European Commission has clear standards on equality LGTBIQ +, something that includes the European strategy, which also protects girls and women from violence”, he added, and reiterated that "we have been clear” in which “peaceful demonstrations are a fundamental right in all democratic countries” , in reference to the placement of rainbow flags on the balconies of public buildings.

wigand He stated that he was not aware of whether the European Commission had contacted the Spanish authorities to obtain clarification on this matter, since as it was a municipal case, the UE You must first go to STATUS. the spokeswoman Dana Spinant assured that they would "check" this case.


The political agreement between Vox y PP and the social reactions that occurred throughout the day yesterday led the town hall, already led by the mayor of Vox, Iván Exposito, and the deputy mayor of PP, Vincent Estelles, to issue a statement ratifying the ban on displaying flags LGTBIQ + in municipal buildings, but freedom is given to use them in public spaces in the municipal area.

"The government team is not prohibiting the use of the identity signs of the collective LGTBIQ + in the different public spaces of the municipal term, reiterating the need to follow the protocol of flags in municipal buildings, as is fulfilled in other institutions ", says the statement verbatim.

It must be underlined that the Flag Law to which the government team refers to its compliance does not prohibit showing other flags next to that of Spain and the Valencia, provided that the state one has preeminence over the others. According to the eighth article, what cannot be used is any symbol on the flag of Spain. In addition, the rainbow flags are not placed on poles as is the case with the official ones, and they always occupy an anecdotal place on balconies or town hall windows.

The ban on LGTBIQ+ flags in public buildings in Nàquera reaches Europe

Sources: Lift EMVLa Vanguardia

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