The Grindr gang falls: they used chemical submission to rob and rape their victims

The Grindr gang falls: they used chemical submission to rob and rape their victims

Active XL, the Grindr profile behind which a gang was hiding to rob and rape men

La National Police has detained four men, Three in Madrid and one in A Coruña, accused of making appointments through contact applications such as Grindr y tinder to rob the homes of homosexuals. They numbed by the method of chemical submission with powerful drugs to their victims who were incapacitated for up to eight hours. The gang is credited with at least eight similar acts, among which stands out the one they committed against a man whom they came to rape.

All the victims were homosexual and lived alone. Three of those arrested, of nationality Colombian, were arrested last week at the airport Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas When they were preparing to catch a flight to return to their country of origin, the fourth member of the organized group was arrested in A Coruña.

The three arrested in Madrid They were provisionally released, something that is incomprehensible due to the high risk of flight as they were arrested when they tried to leave the country. The investigators of the case clarified the facts in record time, since the gang had reached Madrid at the beginning of February and they knew about the purchase of their return tickets for the middle of the month.

Modus operandi of the Grindr band

His method was simple: one of them opened a fake profile on Grindr, and from there he tried to capture potential victims. One of the usernames they used was active XL. Normally the victims were boys between the ages of 22 and 37, also South Americans and of a medium-high purchasing power. After seducing them into agreeing to an in-person appointment, they divided up the victims and acted separately.

crime tourism

Grindr band falls

The agents began to investigate and, after various efforts, found a group of Colombians who had just settled in a tourist apartment in Hortaleza with false documentation. they had come from Colombia expressly to commit a crime. Another of them, according to what the investigators found out, had been in prison for identical acts committed last year.

After the robbery, the perpetrators went to department stores to use the cards: designer clothes, sports equipment and high-end electronics were their main whims. The band would have spent more than 15.000 euros in purchases.

From February 4, when they committed the first criminal act, and until February 20, when they were arrested while trying to change their safe house, they would have attacked at least eight victims attacked in their homes Carabanchel, Moncloa, Retiro, Centro, Usera, Moncloa and Salamanca.

However, the Police believe that there will be more victims who have not yet reported. One of them also stated that she had also been the victim of a sexual assault and realized after waking up from the narcotics that his assailant supplied him. This one, who had escaped to Coruña, has been the only one who has entered pretrial detention.

Grindr band falls


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