Ayuso refuses to meet with LGTBIQ+ groups while preparing the modification of the Madrid Trans Law

Ayuso refuses to meet with LGTBIQ+ groups Ayuso refuses to meet with LGTBIQ+ groups while preparing the modification of the Madrid Trans Law

Ayuso defends that in Madrid they make a «great work to combat the indoctrination of children» after criticism from Vox

The president of the Region of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, defended this Thursday that in the region they do «a great job to combat the indoctrination of children and prevent it in the classrooms«.

This is how he responded during the Plenary session of the Madrid Assembly, where the spokesperson for Vox, Rocío Monasterio, had previously maintained that children now do not know about Mathematics, Literature or Geography but rather they know about «gender, trans and Agenda 2030«. «They know a lot about everything their activists teach them«, he has launched while maintaining that children's books are «truffled» of this type of content.

Ayuso has influenced that they have worked to replace «ideology for effective knowledge«, by the study of syntax and morphology, of the chronology of History and eliminating «the gender perspective of Mathematics» and, for example, «reintroducing the rule of three«. «We have done it within the 40% that the law allows us, I don't know if you know, maybe not, or I don't know if it is due to maliciousness or ignorance, that 60% of the contents do not come from the Community of Madrid and we cannot modify them«, stressed the regional leader.

Schedule problems

Ayuso refuses to meet with LGTBIQ+ groupsAll this in the weekly context in which Ayuso, has said no to meeting with COGAM and State Chrysallis, two of the main associations LGTBIQ + de Spain after the intention to modify the Madrid Trans Law.

The answer was given by the president's chief of staff, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez , who has argued that "due to scheduling problems» the meeting will not be possible and they have moved to the Ministry of Family, Youth and Social Affairs, the consideration of the meeting.

A situation that occurs after Ayuso has announced on two occasions that he was going to modify the rule and repeal those aspects that speak of the gender self-determination in the Region of Madrid. Some rights, recognized since 2016 without any vote against in the Assembly and that have not been a cause of problems until now.

«It is something absolutely shameful and absolute cowardice. If you want to repeal some rights enshrined in 2016, at least you have to have the courage to say it to their face.«, indicates the deputy of More Madrid, Carla Antonelli. "He has said several times and boasted that he is going to repeal part of the Trans Law and especially the issues that affect minors. Chrysallis It is the largest association of parents with trans children in Spain. It has more than 2.000 families"he argues Antonelli.


Sources: The PluralLa Vanguardia

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