Ayuso opens to modify LGTBI laws as required by Vox

Ayuso opens to modify LGTBI laws as required by Vox Ayuso opens to modify LGTBI laws as required by Vox

Isabel Diaz Ayuso: «Homophobia is in the head of the left. The Community of Madrid is safe, open and respectful«

Isabel Díaz Ayuso y Vox. The Assembly of Madrid He hosted his first control session after the summer on Thursday and it seems that the symbiosis with his partner remains intact. The president of the Region of Madrid has proposed modifying the laws LGTBI and gender violence in the region, as requested by the extreme right. The head of the regional Executive has urged all groups to «to improve»These laws after a question from Rocío Monasterio.

"I see well that we look for a way that we improve these laws”, Said the president in the Assembly. Ayuso explained that two legislatures ago the PP -Who ruled in a minority with support from Ciudadanos- He welcomed the search for a consensus among parliamentary groups to try to end discrimination against homosexuals and trans people, and for this reason the laws were approved. In this sense, while the law against LGBTophobia was approved unanimously, the law of Transsexuality was approved by the opposition -PSOE, Cs and Podemos- with the abstention of PP.

PP and Vox getting closer and closer

And now the popular see the opportunity to adapt the law to feel more comfortable with its wording. «When these laws come to Parliament and there is a parliamentary roll of all the groups against another, many of these texts end up being perverted and they end up becoming just the opposite", has said Ayuso in your answer to Monastery. Reason why the regional president looks favorably on «to correct" these rules. Furthermore, it has stated: «Homophobia is in the head of the left. The Region of Madrid is safe, open and respectful«.

In fact, community president has suggested modifying state regulations to make the defense of the rule of law more effective against false reports, in which he considers that it is necessary to put «the accent" because it causes "grave damage to the most innocent»And to true complaints.

Ayuso opens to modify LGTBI laws as required by Vox

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