Ayuso repeals a good part of Madrid's trans and LGTBI laws

Ayuso repeals a good part of Madrid's trans and LGTBI laws Ayuso repeals a good part of Madrid's trans and LGTBI laws

The PP is urgently processing in the Assembly, where it has an absolute majority, a reform of the two regulations whose repeal Vox has been asking for since 2019

The popular parliamentary group of Madrid has decided to register this Friday the repeal of a good part of the trans and LGTBI laws, in the midst of the amnesty debate and as if it were just another proposition, but the truth is that delete entire paragraphs, like one in which it is said that «No person may be forced to undergo treatment, medical procedure or psychological examination that restricts their freedom of gender self-determination.«. That article is completely removed from the autonomous law that protected the community LGTBI.

El PP modifies these laws in force since 2016, and they do so, they assure to «give greater clarity» and for the need to «adapt the current law to state regulations«.

Already in the explanatory statement, the popular ones question the reversal of the burden of proof, which forces the accused of discriminating against trans people, for example, to prove their innocence. They understand that the presumption of innocence is lacking. They also believe that the constitutionality of the concept of "gender self-determination«.

In addition, the plan against bullying of students is eliminated LGTBI In schools, all content aimed at showing reality comes out of the study plans. LGTBI and the training of teachers in this matter. Public media They will NOT have to contribute to giving visibility to sexual diversity and the Community will not provide means to the City Councils to offer programs aimed at this group.

In the concrete field, for example, they maintain the prohibition of conversion therapies, but eliminates that prohibition in the case of transsexuals. Regarding discrimination by mistake, the popular ones eliminate the paragraph in which it is defined, they also eliminate the definition of sexual or gender identity and the concept of coeducation. With these modifications the LGBTI council.

La trans and LGTBI laws States are above these standards, the problem is that the mechanisms, as in the case of conversion therapies, have yet to be developed as they were approved at the end of the last legislature.

Mónica García: «Ayuso's ultra drift has been evident for a long time»

Ayuso repeals a good part of Madrid's trans and LGTBI lawsThe leader of More Madrid, Mónica García, assures in Hora 14 that what Ayuso intends to do is «a real outrage", a “decades-long” setback in civil and LGTBI+ rights «that has cost a lot to conquer«. Consider that «there is an ultra ideological load» in the repeal of this law and highlights that it occurs at a time when harassment, insults towards trans people, towards the group LGTBI +, it has increased. It also catches your attention that it was done by a Friday late morning and by emergency procedure.

«What is happening seems especially serious to us. There are things that are yet to be developed in state law and were in regional law, such as everything that had to do with LGTBIphobia. I am afraid that Mrs. Ayuso is going to go back on this law and she is not going to comply with the state law.«, sentence García. "Its ultra drift has been evident for a long time and this is one of the consequences. She didn't need Vox to do this, she alone is enough and more than enough«.

Carla Antonelli He has also exploded on social networks and has written a tweet in which he summarizes what happened and details all the rights that are going to be lost.

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