Ayuso: "We've been enduring Pride for a month"

Ayuso: "we've been enduring Pride for a month" Ayuso: "We've been enduring Pride for a month"

Ayuso attacked pride, feminism, the Trans Law and gender identity

On Wednesday, July 13, the program of Federico Jimenez Losantos for isRadio, who are "It's Federico's morning«, he received in his study the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. For an hour, politics was able to address various issues, including the celebration of the LGBTI+ pride en Madrid, moment in which he returned to charge against the group, its celebrations and demands, or even its nomenclature.

In the opinion of Ayuso, the left has converted the collective's annual meeting into «a lever to promote hatred against all» and even assured that «ands the kidnapping of the left of this and many other flags«. «You see the newspaper library from years ago and everyone, including the press that was called progressive, spoke of 'Gay Pride', they themselves have decided that now it has to be changed and it is no longer 'Pride'. Now is the what? well whatever they want“, criticized the policy.

Ayuso then protested the fact that «you have to talk like them, do it like they see it"and proceeded to lash out at feminism as well"that they try to impose on me as if I were not a woman or owed my professional life to a man, as they do" and the 8M: "Twice a year we already have a media kidnapping of a month, because before I remember that Pride or 8M they were celebrated on that day and were talked about the day before. Then it happened to be a week and now we are holding it for a month«. «Now, since February, men of the world, prepare yourselves for the 8M«, launched the policy.

«It's no longer 'pride of', it's 'hate against'«

Ayuso: "we've been enduring Pride for a month"In the middle of his interview, Ayuso nor was he cut off when criticizing the Trans Law: "To the communist part of Podemos, which is the one that has concocted these occurrences of the Trans Law, nobody says anything, because Sanchez sell your soul to the devil«.

"The only thing they do is kidnap and cause tremendous damage, which is what they are doing with Pride, which is no longer 'pride of', it is 'hate against' what the left does with these celebrations. They're not proud of anything, because when you're proud you're happy and you want everyone to come and celebrate. And again he insisted: “Well, we've been enduring it for a whole month, so let's resist and for me the important thing is that life goes on after Pride".

Life goes on and, with it, the lgtbiphobia suffered by the group and to which the Madrid president did not mention during her speech. Only in 2021, according to data from the Interior, the police investigated 477 hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity throughout the country. Some data that, according to the associations that work with the collective LGTBI +, are underrepresented, as only around 20% of incidents are reported.

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