Transphobic attack in a nightclub in Valencia

Transphobic attack in a nightclub in Valencia Transphobic attack in a nightclub in Valencia

Transphobic attack in a nightclub in Valencia: «Transvestite, you suck, you have to go to the men's bathroom«

A young 22-year-old transsexual was beaten last weekend at the hands of three girls, two of them sisters to each other, in the bathrooms and at the door of a nightclub in Valencia located in the leisure area of ​​the Honduran square after being attacked for her sexual identity. Her aggressors, according to the complaint filed by her victim, caused injuries to different parts of her body and even pulled out the nails of two fingers of her right hand while they harassed and insulted her, yelling at her «transvestite" Y "cheap whore«. They are now being investigated for a hate crime.

The events, according to the young woman, occurred around half past three in the morning last Sunday, 6 February, when the girl was with some friends at the disco and decided to go to the bathroom. The young woman explained that she had to wait a long time until, finally, the toilet door opened, from which three girls came out.

Observing that they hadtraces of white powder» in the nose, he told them, «no offense or use a bad tone«, that the bathroom was to carry out physiological needs, but not to consume narcotics, and that, if they wanted to do it, they would do it outside and leave the toilets free for their true purpose.

five aggressors

The young women reacted very violently. One of them grabbed her by her hair and pushed her into the bathroom, while all three of her started hitting her and yelling at her: «Transvestite! You're gross! You have to go to the men's room, you cheap whore!«. In the attack, he even gave her a slashing wound to the head with a sharp object.

At that moment, two young men, friends of the aggressors, joined them, who held the young transsexual to make it easier for the other three to beat her, she affirms in her complaint, although, fortunately, she managed to free herself at a certain moment and run away.

«To kill each other, to the street«

The girl told what happened to her friends, who suggested informing the local security personnel. However, her response, according to the young woman, was not what she expected: «They told us that we should all go kill each other outside«.

The girl and her friends decided to leave, but, once in the street, the three of them grabbed her again and beat her again, although the beating stopped because at that moment a police patrol arrived. National Police, to which some witnesses had alerted. The agents intervened, but did not arrest the alleged aggressors, who have now been reported by the victim at the police station in Transits, which is investigating the case as a hate crime.

The young woman went after the events to the health center of campanar, where the doctor who treated her noticed injuries due to «aggression«, which include a contusion in the left hemithorax, excoriation in an elbow and in the neck, and injury by pulling out the nails of two fingers of the right hand.

Hate crimes in Valencian Community have not stopped growing since 2013 and, according to data from the Ministry of Interior, have risen a 66% between that year and 2020. During 2020, the National Police y the civil Guard processed 20 complaints for hate crime against the identity or sexual orientation of those who suffered them.

Transphobic attack in Valencia: "Transvestite, you're disgusting, you have to go to the men's bathroom"

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