This is the fifth time this 20 year old girl is attacked for being a lesbian

Charlie Graham lesbian blood beating This is the fifth time this 20 year old girl is attacked for being a lesbian

A 20-year-old girl was savagely beaten by two men for being a lesbian in England

GAYLES.TV.- Not the first time Charlie graham He suffers an assault because of his sexual orientation. Last week when I walked alone down the street to meet a friend in Sunderland (United Kingdom) Two men attacked her for being a lesbian. The young woman was shocked and covered in blood after being beaten and screaming and insulting LGBTIphobes.

“I was hit from the back with a fist on the back of my head, then I hit the ground, hurting my legs and face. I tried to get up again, but they pushed me to the ground and the two boys ran off. They left me bleeding and scared » remember with terror Graham. The police are investigating the case as a hate crime. On this occasion, in addition to the obvious physical consequences, the psychological ones have been very hard: “I'm not going anywhere alone anymore. I just feel comfortable in my mother's house. I have panic and anxiety attacks just thinking about going home in case they find out where I live and decide to go through the door, or they attack me in my own home », explains the young woman.

Five attacks

And it is that with just 20 years Graham know what is the lesbophobia because he has suffered it in his own meats on several occasions. Previously they had to put points because they opened one eye and in another attack she had a black eye when a subject hit her and insulted her when she was accompanied by his girlfriend. "I had people threatening to come through my door and break the windows," commented. He also added that it is the fifth time he has been the target of his homosexuality and is tragically resigned to the fact that he can be attacked again.

Despite the fear, Graham He wants to show the world his wounds so that people become aware of the brutality of hatred against diversity. That is why he has posted photographs of the aggression on social networks and has told the media about his terrible experience. Recently the attacks have happened LGBTIphobes en United Kingdom: from the millionaire rapist who assaulted 196 gays, to the attack of a 22 year old in Preston or the couple of lesbian assaulted on a bus London.

Charlie Graham lesbian blood beating

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  1. They are simply murderous homophobes who should be behind bars for the rest of their lives since they do not deserve to live among civilized people.

  2. My classmates also attack me for being a member of the LGBT and I understand her, I am outraged to know that there are people like that, it's a shame

  3. Gang of motherfuckers those who assault people for their sexual preferences is not people are scum it makes me very sad to see this young woman where we are going to get to

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