Homophobic attack in the middle of Times Square

Homophobic attack in the middle of Times Square Homophobic attack in the middle of Times Square

One of the victims of the brutal homophobic beating in Times Square required maxillofacial surgery

Una gay couple suffered a homophobic attack in full Times Square (New York) as the crowd watched and did nothing to stop him. The events occurred last Saturday. April 8 around half past ten at night. The couple was rebuked by four men who began to insult them for holding hands.

The attackers pushed them and told them that they had to leave. One of the victims took out his mobile phone and started recording the attack. The video has been used for the subsequent lawsuit that they have filed. According to the police of New York the attackers fled the scene and are currently not located. There are no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.

The victims were transported to the Mount Sinai Hospital and one of the victims required maxillofacial surgery. Both were frightened by the attack suffered.

nobody did anything

Homophobic attack in the middle of Times SquareDespite the large crowd that was in Times Square at the time of the attack, the couple claims that no one tried to help them. The assault has left the two men fearful, and they requested anonymity from the media to avoid retaliation from their attackers.

They asked the police to investigate the attack as a hate crime as the couple has stated that some of the insults focused on their sexual orientation.

The attack on Times Square was just the latest in a series of anti-gay incidents in New York. Raphael Ribot, 44, was beaten and stabbed by a group of people shouting anti-gay slurs on Wednesday night April 5. He said two strangers stopped the attack and saved his life by applying a tourniquet to what he described as "a large puncture wound, four inches deep" In your leg.

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