They assassinate the trans leader Thalía Rodríguez in Honduras

They assassinate the trans leader Thalía Rodríguez in Honduras They assassinate the trans leader Thalía Rodríguez in Honduras

More than 400 people from the LGTBI community have lost their lives violently in Honduras since 2009

The trans activist Thalia Rodriguez was killed with several bullets in the head last Monday in a neighborhood of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. It is the first violent death LGBTIQ + de 2022 in the country and the number 402 since the transfemicide of Vicky Hernández, in June 2009. A man accompanying Thalía At the time of the attack, he received gunshot wounds to various parts of his body, but he managed to survive the attack.

The crime of Rodríguez was denounced by the Honduran organization LGBTIQ + cattrachas en Twitter: "We demand justice for the terrible murder of Thalia Rodriguez, trans activist in Honduras«. The organization indicated that so far it is unknown "the material and intellectual actor of the facts", And recalled that the victim was a"trans woman who dedicated more than 20 years to the defense of human rightson Honduras. "It had recently indicated that the condemnation of the State of Honduras for the murder of Vicky Hernández it was a breakthrough for trans women who had waited more than 20 years for the recognition of gender identity in official documents«He added in another message.

"It cannot go unpunished"

They assassinate the trans leader Thalía Rodríguez in HondurasRodríguez I was "fighting for a Honduras without discrimination against people LGBTIQ + and people living with HIV«. The murders of people from the group are not investigated by the authorities and as a consequence most of the cases remain in total impunity. «Honduras it is a hostile and dangerous country for people LGBTI and the government has not done enough to face this reality«Stated the organization. Because cattrachas demanded that the Public Ministry "investigate the facts and make every effort to define the criminal responsibility of those who committed the crime. The murder of Thalia Rodriguez cannot go unpunished«.

«It's outrageous to start the year with the murder of a trans community icon«Said the member of the Diversity in Resistance Movement, Eric Martínez. "I met Thalía more than 20 years ago. Their commitment and solidarity towards their trans companions were very marked. He never magnified himself for his work. On the contrary, he did it selflessly and with humility. I am outraged to know that the hate policy installed by the drug dictatorship continues to claim lives in the country and without investigation and reparation«.

"Really who is the protagonist of all the damage that we do to the community of trans women?", asked Thalía in a recent report "It is the same state," he replied. "The one who says that he watches over and protects is the one who kills us, the one who hurts us." When I die they will talk about me for my legacy", He said Thalia Rodriguez in a video in which he stated that the most important thing in life is «love and be loved«. She was. D.E.P


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