Trans activist Alejandra Ironici murdered

Trans activist Alejandra Ironici murdered Trans activist Alejandra Ironici murdered

Transfemicide of Alejandra Ironici: the autopsy revealed that the body had about 30 stab wounds

The militant and trans activist Alexandra Ironici She was found dead inside her home in the city of Santa Fe. She was 43 years old and was recognized as a pioneer within the community, since in 2012 she was the first trans in the country to obtain her DNI administratively in the province Santa Fe, prior to the approval of the Gender Identity Law. At the end of that year, she was also the first to enter the provincial government to work, when she was assigned to work in the area of ​​social assistance at the hospital. Iturraspe of Santa Fe.

The one arrested for transfemicide de Alexandra Ironici He is a 32-year-old man, identified as DHB., who was victim's partner. The preliminary autopsy report shows that the victim's body had around 30 stabs.

The crime was committed this Sunday night in the house that the activist and trans militant. The killer set the house on fire, trying to cover her tracks. But the flames were noticed by neighbors who called 911. When the police and relatives arrived at the scene, a nephew of Alejandra notified the agents ironic he was inside. The body was found on the ground in a pool of blood and with burns. Relatives of the victim noticed that the car was missing from his property. The vehicle was found this Monday morning parked in front of a house in Padre Dusso at 7100. DHB was arrested at that address, so far he is the only suspect for the transfemicide.

A life campaigning for trans rights

Trans activist Alejandra Ironici murderedWhen in 2012 she became the first trans woman in the province to receive a DNI that respected their gender identity He said: "Start my new life. I will go out with my head held high, proud of who I am. Without having to hide because I did not commit any crime. All I did was choose a different life. That conditioning meant that I was denied a lot of rights".

Reactions to transfeminicide

His murder has shocked Argentine society. Stephen Paulon, director of LGBT Policies expressed: «She was my friend and fellow activist in socialism. We are sad and shocked. We're not down yet. She was found by her nephew, but her perpetrator would be her partner who had fled from her, he even had her cell phone. He began the search and was arrested. There was a comment from Alejandra because he had let friends know that they were in a situation of violence. I had no formal complaint but there was an awareness of this situation«.

La Minister of Equality, Gender and Diversity of the province, Florencia Marinaro, said "It's a hate crime.". On Twitter he added: "The pain caused by the death of Alejandra Ironici is too much. She leaves a friend, with whom I learned about the rights conquered and the work of every day. We are with her family, with the community and with what it means to work for justice in coordination with the Prosecutor's Office«.

Other voices expressed their pain. the councilwoman Norma Lopez wrote: "The Peronist Women of Santa Fe demand Justice for the cross-dressing of Alejandra Ironici, a great activist for the rights of trans people and one of the essentials in #feminism in our province.«. Among the signs of pain and indignation stands out a banner that reads: «Ale, forgive us for begging for justice and not crying out for revenge«. D.E.P

Trans activist Alejandra Ironici murdered


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