He allegedly murdered his cellmate “because he was gay”

He allegedly murdered his cellmate “because he was gay” He allegedly murdered his cellmate “because he was gay”

The alleged murderer said that “I did not agree” with the sexual orientation of his cellmate

Janard Geffrard, 29, was allegedly murdered by his cellmate Kevin Barnes, 35 years old, after a beating December 16. The victim's family accuses jail officials of Florida of allowing cellmate Geffrard lethally beat him for 21 minutes before intervening. Geffrard He died from his injuries 16 days later.

Prison surveillance video from December 16 shows Kevin Barnes strangling Geffrard for two minutes. The young man lost consciousness and Barnes He stomped on it ten minutes later. The attack lasted 21 minutes in total and no officers intervened, according to the family's lawyer, Josiah Graham. Later, the aggressor confessed to investigators about the brutal attack and said that he did it because “heor agreed with the lifestyle of Geffrard "because he was gay"And"it smelled and was never cleaned".

“Because he was gay”

He allegedly murdered his cellmate “because he was gay”Geffard He was declared brain dead ten days later. They put him on life support to remove his organs. He died five days later, on December 31.

Marcia Irving, the mother of Geffrard, said "I thought my son was safer in jail than on the streets” and added: “Someone hit my son really hard, and then he kept doing it, he kept doing it until he got out".

County Public Defender Broward, Gordon Weekes, acknowledged that detention officials should not have placed Geffard y Barnes in the same cell because they both suffered from mental health problems. The family and their lawyer wonder why prison officers did not react to the attack.

The inmates LGBTIQ + Nonwhites are more likely to experience harassment and assault from other inmates than white, heterosexual, and cisgender inmates, according to a 2016 study by the Movement Advancement Project.

He allegedly murdered his cellmate “because he was gay”

Sources: G-sense

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