ARMI: a safe social network for LGTBIQ+ people

ARMI: a safe social network for LGTBIQ+ people ARMI: a safe social network for LGTBIQ+ people

ARMI is an LGBTIQ+ application that allows you to feel safe and interact with other members of the community

The idea of WEAPONS arose from two undergraduate students Psychology at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), Aldana Alegría y Alba Martin. They were assigned to do a job for the subject of Group Psychology consisting of developing a business idea with the knowledge they had acquired throughout their career. As LGTBIQ+ activists They came up with the idea of ​​creating a safe digital space.

Their teacher, impressed by their work, encouraged them to take the project to the next level, and in subsequent years they participated in a university entrepreneurship program where they acquired the business and marketing knowledge necessary to make the business viable.

"Since it is not normative, sometimes people in the group feel confused with their own identity. The usual thing is that they turn to the web to look for answers, but many times the information comes from unreliable sources and they can come to believe things that in the end will only serve to generate more questions. WEAPONS It aims to be, among other things, a center of safe and verified information to avoid, among others, mental health problems.", the creators assure


ARMI: a safe social network for LGTBIQ+ people"The final objective of ARMI is to create a social network to create a support network among the Balearic community that, on the one hand, has that informative function by offering verified data and, on the other, meets the standards of a social network such as suggesting safe nearby activities. for queer people or indicate LGTBI friendly places"Declares Aldana, who has also expressed his intention to create a network made up of psychologists in the application to address mental health problems that people may suffer. LGTBIQ +.

After more than three years of creation and professional activity in the brand, Aldana and Alba have created a through crowdfunding to cover the launch costs and hire the necessary people to carry it out: “It's the only thing we're missing. We have already made the web prototype and the marketing plans. As we want to make it very accessible and include many functions, we need financial resources to be able to launch the application under conditions”. Today, WEAPONS asks for 2.000 euros to start the launch, but Aldana He confesses that perhaps up to 15.000 may be necessary.

ARMI: a safe social network for LGTBIQ+ people

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