Saudi Arabia accuses Netflix of 'promoting homosexuality'

Saudi Arabia accuses Netflix of 'promoting homosexuality' Saudi Arabia accuses Netflix of 'promoting homosexuality'

Saudi state television assures that the platform «promotes childhood homosexuality under a cinematic facade«

The authorities of Saudi Arabia have accused Netflix to be "promoting homosexuality” with some of his productions. The country's Muslim government does not like that in a children's series like Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous a love plot between two teenage girls has been included.

Consequently, they ask the platform to remove the scenes that, in their opinion, violate the “Islamic and social values ​​and principles". Netflix "is promoting homosexuality by excessively focusing on homosexuals”, they denounce.

The platform "has been contacted to remove this content, including content directed at children, and to ensure compliance with laws”, they point out in a statement Saudi Audiovisual Media Commission and GCC Committee of Electronic Media Officials.

Saudi Arabia threatens to takethe necessary legal measures«

Saudi Arabia accuses Netflix of 'promoting homosexuality'

Both institutions warn that they will act on their own if Netflix ignores his request: “In the event that the infringing content continues to be broadcast, the necessary legal measures will be taken”. The platform has not commented publicly on this situation.

The statement also refers to the French film Cuties, which was already involved in a controversial sound in 2020 when it was accused of sexualizing the child characters that star in it. Netflix is "a cinematic cover for immoral messages that threaten the healthy upbringing of children”, maintains the Saudi government.

According to BBC, Saudi Arabia It does not have specific legislation on sexual orientation or gender identity, however, sexual relations outside of marriage, including homosexual sex, are prohibited. Consensual sex between two men or women punishable by death or flogging depending on the severity of the case.

the cinemas of Saudi Arabia they didn't show the movie doctor strange in the multiverse of the madness after Disney refused to remove certainLGBTI references”. And only two months later the premiere of the tape was banned Lightyear for showing a kiss between two homosexual characters.

Saudi Arabia accuses Netflix of 'promoting homosexuality'

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