Trans Law is law

Trans Law is law Trans Law is law

Approved in Congress the Law for the real and effective equality of trans people and for the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people

El Congress of Deputies has approved this Thursday the Trans Law. The call Law for the real and effective equality of trans people and for the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people establishes that between the ages of 12 and 14, legal sex change may be possible with judicial endorsement; between 14 and 16, with the consent of the parents, and from that age, without conditions. He Council of Europe or the World Health Organization They have been insisting to the States for a long time so that depathologize the legal sex change process.

The processing of the norm, which enshrines the gender self-determination, has led to a political conflict between the partners of Government that came to seem irreconcilable. Two years after the first draft, the Executive has resolved, at least in practice, its tensions in this regard, but not the feminist movement, which remains deeply divided. This will be the second 8M with two different calls for demonstrations, and the division responds, fundamentally, to the conflict that has arisen around the norm that will definitely go ahead today in the Congress and also of the political dispute that has surrounded it.

Gender self-determination

The new standard recognizes the gender self-determination and develops a series of measures to guarantee the rights of LGTBI people. Among them, the free determination of sex in the Civil Registry by the mere will of the person from the age of 16. The modification of the legal sex will be carried out in two phases: first, a form will be filled out requesting the change and, within a period of three months, the person concerned will appear to ratify their decision. Minors under 12 years of age will not be able to make the registration change, but they can change their name on the DNI and be treated by the desired name. The depathologization of the trans condition, as agreed by the World Health Organization. The rule also includes an article whereby acts of sexist violence committed before the registered sex change cannot be evaded.

In addition, prohibits corrective surgery in intersex infants and children (those whose sex characteristics are unclear at birth) up to 12 years of age. Also bans all conversion therapy that is aimed at modifying orientation, sexual identity or gender expression. The norm obliges to promote the study and research on the health needs required by LGTBI people and especially trans people.

Trans Law is Law

Trans Law is lawThe former deputy of PSOE Carla Antonelli, who in October requested the withdrawal of his party due to the delays in the processing of the trans law, is following the debate this Thursday from the guest rostrum of the plenary hall of the Congress of Deputies has declared "Today is a day where all emotions are on the surface, in this rostrum that has incorporated the memory of the civil rights of this country, such as equal marriage or the gender identity law. Today, after two indescribable years of struggles, where we worked our butt off along the way, we will once again make history with the approval of a fair, necessary and reasonable law, because we were always on the right side of history.".

Emotional words from Irene Montero

“It is a law to expand the opportunities for happiness of many people. Today we are freer knowing that you are happier”, with this reflection the Minister of Equality closed an emotional speech in which he thanked all the entities LGTBIQ + the effort to push this law forward. Huntsman He has recalled some proper names that have made this law possible, such as Boti García, Mar Cambrollé, Carla Antonelli or Ana Valenzuela, to whom she has dedicated some heartfelt words for accompanying her in the fight.

"They told us it was impossible. Today is law. So please with all the pride, with all the happiness, celebrate. Fill the streets of our country with pride. Never again a country without trans people. Never again a country without you, without you and without you. And know that this hand that we have joined and that has made it possible for the Trans and LGTBI Law to become law against all odds will continue to be an outstretched hand, a body to body, back to back to continue conquering rights and making the happiness of others effective. all LGTBI and trans people in all corners of this country. The "Trans Law is law", it is finished Irene Montero.


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