Antonio Muñoz, the new mayor of Seville, is openly gay

Antonio Muñoz, the new mayor of Seville, is openly gay

Antonio Muñoz: "I don't think it will harm me to recognize my homosexuality"

The new mayor of Sevilla, Antonio Muñoz (PSOE), has shown his hope that it does not harm him to admit his homosexuality in public, as he did in his inauguration speech before the representatives of the entire city.

It has a great trajectory within the Socialist Party and for his work in the City of Seville, has also been recognized on more than one occasion as one of the public figures openly LGTBI most influential of Spain.

The mayor has declared: «I don't think that could harm me. I can tell you that it was not something I had in mind, it did not appear in my speech, but I don't know, it came out spontaneously. I said it with all the naturalness, that I believe that is how we should approach these types of questions«.

He was referring to the phrase in which he explained that when he walked to the Town hall for the full investiture, «I have felt again how lucky I am because I was accompanied by my partner, Fernando, and for living in this city, for having found my place in the world«, As he confessed with emotion.

Seville, a benchmark for sexual diversity

Muñoz He maintains that this statement will not harm him because «SevillaIn recent years, it has walked the path of a tolerant city, a city of reference for sexual diversity and of all kinds«. «I have to admit that I was surprised by the positive reaction of some people»When he alluded to his partner, to the point that some have told him that it was what they liked the most of the whole speech because it addressed a«very personal statement«.

«Of course, I do not think it harms me, and I would not worry if that harms me, because they would not be people who are aligned with the times.«, Has concluded the recently released Sevillian mayor. Asked if there is still a way to admit sexual diversity, he replied that «What I see above all are dark clouds in the political panorama in view of the advance that the extreme right is predicted to have in some European countries and in the case of Spain«.

Advancement of the far right

«I am concerned that advances in sexual diversity and equality, in the achievements that women have made in recent years, with the denial of these issues and with the advancement of the extreme right, could this permeate among younger people, in some layers of the population" and that "that could be a setback«, Has affirmed.

After underlining that «That is not what I would like to see happen in Seville«, Has emphasized that«I will certainly fight, I will raise my voice, my voice will not shake in vindicating a feminist Seville and that it continues to be a benchmark of diversity«.

This challenge for the future is based on four axes: a city that works, is inclusive, green and that is the engine of economic transformation, for which Muñoz Has offered "management, management and management"And"claim, claim and claim" for what Sevilla have "the level you deserve"As the fourth city of Spain.

Antonio Muñoz, new gay mayor of Seville

Sources: La Sexta

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