Interview with Antoine Leonetti, director of the Mostra Fire !!

«This year the Barcelona gay and lesbian film show, Fire !! It can be seen throughout the Spanish territory from September 10 to 20 ». #FireAtHome

GAYLES.TV.- The Barcelona gay and lesbian film show, Fire!! offers from September 10 to 20 a digital edition with 43 titles, most of them unpublished in Spain, through the platform filmin, for only € 25 and three months of free subscription.

In addition to the sections Fiction Feature Films, Documentaries, Short Films, East of Eden and Trans Screen, a tribute to the Argentine indie director will be included Mark Berger with the premiere of his new movie El Cazador accompanied by two of his best titles, taekwondo y A blond, as well as a section with the best titles of recent years.

The director of the Fire !! Antoine Leonetti tells us more details about this special edition due to the pandemic.


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