Actress Anne Heche enters a coma and her condition is "extremely critical"

Actress Anne Heche enters a coma and her condition is "extremely critical" Actress Anne Heche enters a coma and her condition is "extremely critical"

Anne Heche suffered a serious car accident last weekend and had to be rescued from her vehicle by up to 59 firefighters

Actress Anne Héche He fell into a coma and his state of health is «extremely critical» after the violent traffic accident in which she was involved three days ago in Los Angeles, reported his representative in a statement released this Monday to the press specializing in Hollywood.

«He is in a coma and has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident"Said the spokesman for the 53-year-old interpreter who suffers from a"very important» Lung injury and requires assisted ventilation at this time.

Born May 25, 1969 in Aurora (Ohio), was one of the most talked about actresses in the nineties. At that time she played Maggie Pistone in «"Donnie Brasco", a film in which he shared filming with Johnny Depp. The actress, who is currently 53 years old, was also part of the film "Volcano", where she played the role of Dr. Amy Barnes. In 1997, she was part of the cast of the horror film titled «I Know What You Did Last Summer«. In the comedy genre, she could be seen in Six Days, Seven Nights and he was even from the thriller «return to paradise«, in which he worked together with Joaquin Phoenix.

She was sexually abused as a child

As for her personal life, her childhood was not easy at all, as she herself revealed in a memoir entitled «call me crazy«. Her stage as a child was a really traumatic event for her. Anne tells in her autobiography as her father, donald heche, used to sexually abuse her. the same Donald He announced on his deathbed in 1986 that he had been homosexual all his life.

Anne Heche, stable after suffering a spectacular traffic accident

In 1997 he began dating the actress and comedian Ellen DeGeneres. Their relationship was going so well that they both thought about getting married. The couple separated three years later. “Our time together was a beautiful part of my life and something I carry with honor. I was part of a revolution that brought social change. And I wouldn't have made it if I hadn't fallen in love with her”, expressed the actress, who began a relationship with the cameraman coleman laffoon.

To everyone's surprise, they both got married in September 2001 and had a son whom they named Homer Heche Laffoon. Before the comments of the press, Anne emphatically came out to respond. «I want to make it very clear that the fact that I am married does not mean at all that they can consider me heterosexual.«, revealed, very upset.

Anne Heche & Celestia

Precisely in his memoirs he made it very clear that he has an alter ego called 'Celestia', who is actually the sister of Jesus and therefore the daughter of God. In addition to that, she also specified that this alter ego has contact with aliens. Some statements that were the focus of attention in the media for weeks.

The actress has made headlines again this weekend due to a serious car accident. The vehicle in which she was driving, a blue Mini Cooper, was going so fast that it skidded off the road and burst into flames when it crashed into a Los Angeles. As reported by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), the collision caused in the passenger compartment «a structural compromise"Que"broke out in an intense fire«.

The causes of the accident are still unknown. the police of Los Angeles He only found that the actress was driving at high speed. The Department of Los Angeles Police confirmed that it is investigating the crash of Made, as well as a previous hit-and-run incident.

Anne Heche, stable after suffering a spectacular traffic accident


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