Anabel Alonso and Heidi Steinhardt have been mothers

Anabel Alonso, mother for the first time Anabel Alonso and Heidi Steinhardt have been mothers

Anabel Alonso and Heidi Steinhardt celebrate the birth of their son Igor

GAYLES.TV.- The popular actress Anabel Alonso and her partner, the Argentine playwright Heidi steindhart, have been mothers. The name chosen for your child is Igor. This has been communicated by Alonso herself in her profile Instagram: «Igor is already with us !!! Arrived on 24-5-2020 IT'S WONDERFUL !!!«.

Both fulfill their dream of being mothers and thus fulfill their love story that began in 2013. It has been Heidi steinhart, 42, who has given birth to the little one and has confinedly faced the final stretch of the pregnancy, of which the Spanish actress has shared several images on social networks.

Anabel Alonso he met his partner when the actress placed herself under the orders of the Argentine director in the play Lastres and then they also returned to work together in Metallic thrombus, in the Madrid Art Theater, 2016.

«Well, we are happy, very happy. For you see, I had already ruled out the possibility [of being a mother] by now. So, well, it's wonderful news, it's like starting a new stage in life. ", explained Anabel. The comedian also wanted to give a touch of reality to so much dream, recognizing that his girl's pregnancy was not without discomfort and certain moments of irritation. «It's fine, yes, but pregnancies are hard. Those who have been pregnant will tell. It seems all very nice but it has its part B«.

Throughout his long and successful career, in which he has spent more than thirty years working in theater, film, television and dubbing, Anabel Alonso It has also earned the love of the public. Especially popular with the collective LGTB + was his portrayal of the character from Diana Freire -a lesbian who had failed in her occupation as an actress- in the series Seven lifes. He has recently participated in programs such as Your face is familiar to meMaster Chef Celebrity. It is very active on social networks, particularly in Twitter, where he has staged some confrontation to defend his political ideas.

Anabel Alonso, mother for the first time

Source: El Periodico, El Mundo

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