Trans activist Mar Cambrollé denounces death threats

Trans activist Mar Cambrollé denounces death threats Trans activist Mar Cambrollé denounces death threats

The threat on twitter to Mar Cambrollé: “I'll do my country a favor by shooting everyone. I take away the disease with bullets"

On May 26 in the afternoon through an account of Twitter  under the name Abelino Garcia Franco, the trans activist Mar Cambrollé, received the following threat; “I'll do my country a favor by shooting everyone. I'm going to shoot the disease out of you”. In the information of said profile, of ultrarightist cut, he appeared as a member of the Phalanx and whose publications had a xenophobic, sexist, racist and LGTBIphobic character.

The same day Cambrollé had participated in a press conference in Sevilla where a representation of 34 Andalusian LGTBIQ groups, who signed a manifesto calling for the vote for progressive and left-wing parties in the upcoming Andalusian elections on June 19.

The tweets have been denounced by the activist before the General Directorate of the National Police to transfer to the Hate Crimes Prosecutor's Office and Technological Crimes and Cybercrime Brigade.

Increase in hate crimes

«What has happened is very serious. It also happens in a context where violence against LGTBI people has increased by 42% according to the Ministry of the Interior. The public powers have a responsibility to stop this escalation of violence. It gives a feeling of living in defenselessness. This is putting me on target, it's unfortunate. We ask for the prompt identification of the aggressor and that he be brought to justice", has declared Cambrollé a GAYLES.TV.

live in helplessness

The Trans Platform Federation which he presides, have expressed their «most vigorously condemns and rejects such serious and despicable events that target our president, a woman who, due to her public activity, is exposed to an unacceptable risk in a democratic society, something that takes us back to past times where social and political activism was persecuted«.

The own Cambrollé remembered in Twitter than another aggression suffered in his youth: «When I was 18 years old I received a beating that almost led to my death by a group of Fuerza Nueva. They broke down the door of my house and beat me with chains until I lost consciousness. The police never look for the culprits. Today after 40 years it is unaffordable to live the same helplessness«.

The historic activist wanted to thank the multiple expressions of support, affection and condemnation received from institutional representatives; among which are the Mayor of Seville, Andalusian Ombudsman, Secretary of State for Equality and against Violence, Director of the Women's Institute, Minister for Equality and Diversity, of the Government of the Generalitat, General Director of LGTBI Policies of the Generalitat, politicians from the entire spectrum of progressive and left-wing parties, the social movement and the general public.

All our solidarity and support for Mar Cambrollé!

Trans activist Mar Cambrollé denounces death threats


Sources: elDiario.esTrans Platform

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