"Agro-Gay", rural and visible

"Agro-Gay", rural and visible

GAYLES.TV Following the success of the first edition, the second Ulloa Agro-Gay Festival. Last Saturday 29, Marta, a farmer who is committed to diversity and sustainable agriculture, served as host at the Maruxa Farm, an agricultural area of ​​25 hectares surrounded by centennial oaks at 3 km Monterroso (Lugo) in the town of Cumbraos. The scenario could not be more bucolic: a farm where ecological cows live happily listening to music while grazing in soft meadows.
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The event was presided by the doors of a closet where a slogan in Galician could be read next to the rainbow flag: "To enter you have to leave" (To enter you have to leave), and is that anyone who has lived a non-heterosexual sexual option in a rural environment, knows that it is not an easy matter, it is a hard field where visibility is a conquest not exempt of bad drinks. There are many doors and closed mentalities and many schemes and prejudices that must be broken.

In spite of this, the meeting was an authentic celebration for the rural LGTBI collective, where they could enjoy music, gastronomy and make claims in an alternative way. There was a handicraft fair, workshops, poetry, a photographic exhibition, the performance of several groups and even a cruising zone ... of seeds! There the attendees, mostly from rural areas, were able to exchange seeds.
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In short, a meeting that has as main objective "To visualize a rural world affective and sexually diverse" At the same time, it is committed to values ​​such as sustainability, environmentalism and respect for heritage and tradition. On the other hand it should be noted that the Festival is not for profit and that it allocates all the income obtained from the sale of tickets and merchandising to cover the expenses generated by the event.

We welcome this initiative, which we hope will be echoed in other similar festivals in rural areas that allow the visibility and integration of LGTBI people who habitually live their reality in silence.

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