They denounce two sexual assaults at the Feroz Awards

They denounce two sexual assaults at the Feroz Awards They denounce two sexual assaults at the Feroz Awards

Film producer Javier Pérez Santana, released on charges after being arrested for sexual assaults in Los Feroz

The Feroz awards held this Saturday in Zaragoza They ended with two complaints of sexual assault that took place at the end of the party that was held after the awards ceremony. The film producer Javier Perez Santana, 55, was arrested and later released on charges as an alleged sexual offender. The victim is a well-known actress who denounced the facts before the National Police. The authorities are investigating another man who has also been denounced by a second victim, a man and who, according to the Association of Cinematographic Informants of Spain (AICE), is a member with Perez Santana from the team of one of the films nominated for the awards.

The attacks occurred after the awards ceremony, at the Ebro Space en Zaragoza, which was the place reserved by the organization of the Fierce to celebrate the party after the event with more than 200 guests of the gala.

Among them was the detainee, Javier Perez Santana, producer of the feature film “my emptiness and me"Directed by Adrian Silvestre, nominated for the Fierce Awards 2023. From one to three in the morning, attendees were able to enjoy an open bar. From that hour on, the party lasted until six in the morning. Several witnesses have told the newspaper El País who saw how Santana, in an altered state, “he kissed on the mouth and on the neck and touched her ass” to several men without their permission.

The events denounced took place between 04.00:06.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX.

They denounce two sexual assaults at the Feroz AwardsPerez Santana, always according to the account of these assistants, maintained this attitude until an actress decided to denounce the behavior of the producer. When the interpreter stopped her feet, the event's security team intervened, according to a statement published this Sunday by the AICE.

"The event's security team intervened as soon as they learned of the incident, isolating the attackers and assisting the victims.”, is explained in the text. “The presence of the police was requested, which has taken charge of these complaints and the investigation immediately".

When the police went to the venue, a second victim reported another assault committed by another partygoer. According to the version of both, the attacks occurred between 4.00:6.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX in the morning. The police are investigating the participation of this man who also allegedly acted improperly at the celebration party. The Family and Women's Care Unit (UFAM) has been in charge of the investigation, police sources have reported. Both complaints, that of the actress and that of another man, have been processed jointly.

condemnation of institutions

"Once what happened is clarified, the alleged perpetrators of this unfortunate event will be banned from the Feroz Awards and all the activities organized by the AICE”, continues the statement of AICE that shows hisrepudiates"And"strongly condemns sexual assaults”.

El Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza has stated that “deeply regrets the information that is being released through the media and reiterates its absolute condemnation and rejection of any sexual assault, trusting that the investigations that are already underway can clarify what happened as soon as possible.".

President Government of Aragon, Javier Lamban, has expressed hisindignation” before the sexual assaults denounced in the Feroz Awards in a message posted on his account Twitter, where he has failed the “self made”, as well as the “negative image projected Zaragoza”. In addition, he has shown his “Full support” to the victims and has asked “punish the aggressors and demand explanations from the organization".

They denounce two sexual assaults at the Feroz Awards

Sources: El Paísnius

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