Vox manipulation

Vox Badajoz aggression Vox manipulation

Six Vox militants attack a young gay man and the party sends a press release distorting reality and remaining victims

GAYLES.TV.- The manipulation of Vox it does not have limits. But what happened in Don Benito (Estremadura) last Tuesday, July 14, borders on the ridiculous. A young man was walking his dog through the city when he came across the information desk of the far-right party. He was insulted (fagot, wanker) and attacked (punched, kicked, hit on the head) for his sexual condition and gender expression.

After the verbal aggression and in the middle of the discussion, the militants of Vox they left the party's information point to continue to rebuke him and end up attacking him "punches, kicks and blows to the head" The injuries were collected in a medical report after the young man went to his health center to be treated for the wounds caused by the assault. At around eight o'clock in the afternoon, the victim denounced the homophobic aggression he had just suffered through social networks.

The manipulation tactic

The young man received support through the networks that were filled with rejection reactions to the aggression. Among them those of the deputies David Salazar (C's) or Michael's Irene (United by Extremadura). The bizarre thing about the situation is that Vox Badajoz he hastened to send a press release to the media to remain as victims, and not as aggressors.

"They assault and insult our colleagues at an information table held in Don Benito. These are the consequences of the hate speech launched against Vox. The extreme left tries to spread the hoax that who attacked our affiliates this morning at the information table of Don Benito is the attacked”, They published on their social networks. The provincial president of Vox, Angel Borreguero Rochas, presented «immediately the pertinent complaint so that this type of aggression does not go unpunished " y «The perpetrator of the facts is tried and sentenced for the same«.

Platform Don Benito Proud, formed by the collectives Commission March 19, the Asociation Lysistrate and partnership Achikitu has condemned "the campaign of manipulation of the facts carried out by Vox, trying to place the victim as an aggressor and the aggressors as victims in a crude attempt to distort reality and in another example of hoax LGTBIphobic hate generator".

Vox Badajoz aggression

Source: El Periodico, The Daily Jump

Photography: Europe Press, The Daily Jump


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